House of Bread Christian Church
6521 Hazel Ave
Sacramento, CA 95662

God on Trial is the new Fearless Faith conference of 2017, a dynamic apologetics event where believers from all over Northern California will come together with world renowned apologists to explore some of the most difficult questions facing Christianity today.

Join us this year as we address questions of God, morality, science, tolerance, and more! Register today!

some of our speakers

Who Should Attend


Jr. High, High School, and College students will find God on Trial incredibly informing, accessible, and practical. Geared especially towards young people, this event will help students confidently and fearlessly respond to the difficult questions posed to them by educators, co-workers, friends and family.


Parents will also find God on Trial informative and helpful. Sometimes mom and dad get asked some pretty tough questions about God that can be hard to answer. God on Trial will provide the resources and the tools necessary for parents to answer questions raised by their children and to guide them to the truth.


Although geared primarily towards Christian youth, we welcome anyone interested to attend God on Trial. The knowledge and ideas discussed at this event will be a blessing to those willing to challenge, probe, and question. So, whether a skeptic or a seeker, a believer or a doubter, someone of another faith or of no faith at all, or if you’re just interested in Christian apologetics, have no fear. We will find a place for you at God on Trial.